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What started as an innovative, exclusive dog biscuit manufacturing unit in the year 1937 is today a name to reckon with in the Indian Pet Industry. The Glenand Group comprises of three sub divisions, each concentrating on one aspect, and yet, complementing one another.

Glenand Products Manufacturers of premium pet biscuits and treats.
Glenadd India Import and Distribution
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Our History


The year 1937 saw the inception of “Glenand”, a large supermarket in the pre independence days with a exclusive portion completely devoted to pets.
Mr. C.T.S. David, the brainwave of this business, started “Glenand Products” a Manufacturing Industry, with an unique and novel idea of manufacturing biscuits exclusively for dogs. At this time, India was importing most of its pet products from U.K. and this Indian brand of dog biscuits soon became very acceptable and sought after by all pet owning households.

first of its kind - Pet Stores

The business was soon bought over by his son MR. E.V.Jayakaran who continued the tradition of making the original dog biscuits and this was soon made available all over India. Glenand Dog biscuits were hand made, oven baked in a traditional manner, with no added preservatives or colors and became a household name in every pet loving family. They are used as a treat as well as a meal by itself, sometimes. Mr. E.V. Jayakaran soon understood the rising need for people to want more and more quality products for their pets, and being a businessman that he was, took advantage of the situation and started an exclusive Pet Store which was the first of its kind in India in the year 1982. It was called Glenands Pet Store and situated in the posh area of Church Street in Bangalore and it was a milestone in the Indian pet industry. Many products which were meant exclusively for pets were imported and sold here.

Business growth

The Glenands Pet Store saw a growing business and in 1997, Mr. E.V. Jayakaran’s entrepreunial son, Prithvi Jayakaran joined in the business and ensured a steady growth in the sales of Glenands Dog Biscuits. With his business and management studies background, he was able to expand the business to phenomenal heights. His keen interest to offer more varieties in the dog biscuits range, persuaded him to introduce different variants and flavours like whole chicken, meat and liver and complete vegetarian too, besides puppy Biscuits with DHA. After much R & D work, supplements of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids were added and revolutioned the dog biscuit industry. Glenands biscuits was and still is, the No.1 choice for dog biscuits.

Prithvi Jayakaran then started more branches of the Pet Shop “GLENANDS’ in all the major hubs of Bangalore, like Indiranagar, Koramangala and Hennur, besides the one already existing on Church Street. Today, Glenands has the largest number of Pet stores in Bengaluru. Glenand Pet Stores which started in a mere 300 sq. ft. area in the year 1982, now boasts of over 10000 sq feet of retail pet store space. Glenands Pet Stores houses the best brands in food and the widest range of accessories for pets. It has over 6000 products for all types of pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, ginuea pigs, fish etc. Their motto is: “THINK PETS. THINK GLENANDS.”.

Distribution and Marketing

In 2002,Prithvi Jayakaran wanted to expand this Pet Industry to its maximum potential and started GLENAND INDIA, a Distribution and Marketing center, for both Indian and imported products for the distribution and wholesale business, across the whole of India.

Prithvi Jayakaran”s insatiable need for growth and expansion made him indulge in the importation of some of the finest pets products across the world, that were not being manufactured in the Indian Market. He understood his responsibity as a keen player in the Pet Industry and made it mandatory to educate the Indian pet owners on the importance of essential products for the welfare of pets. From being a mere Distributor, Glenand India grew as an Import House too and today imports exclusive and top quality pet accessories from Italy, Nature’s Love Pet Litter from Australia, Animology Grooming Products from U.K., GET OFF and many more.

Glenand India has also an OEM facility whereby premium products are manufactured overseas in the brand name of “GLENAND.” These products include collars and leashes, shampoo and conditioners, grooming products, cat litter, pet wipes and pet hygiene products, beds, cat trees and more.

Besides biscuits and treats, in the year 2010, GLENAND introduced supplements and vitamins, which were absolute necessities for the health and growth of pets. They were now made easily accessible to the Indian Customers at affordable rates. All productions are carried out in the name of ‘PET HEAL ‘

Glenand Group strongly believes that we have to support the Indian Industry and the overall growth of India. Hence what can be procured from quality manufacturers in India is carefully scrutinized, improved upon, and after extensive R & D, also labeled under the “GLENAND” name.

Prithvi Jayakaran feels that it is imperative that he visits all the pet Trade Fairs and Dog shows across the world as it gives him an insight and a first hand knowledge of the latest trends and products available in the International market. After analizing the suitability of the products, he then goes that extra mile to import and introduce them in the Indian Pet market.

The Indian pet parents are extremely particular and careful when it comes to their pet. They want only the best and will not compromise on the quality. Hence, it really pays when a product is introduced in the Indian Pet Market by a seasoned and well established and reputed company like Glenand Group.

Glenand Dog Biscuits have been in the Indian market for over 75 years now and growing in demand day by day. Though, it does get a lot of enquiries for OEM, it is unfortunately not able to take it up as it is finding it difficult to cater to the already existing and growing demand. Pet parents are looking forward to obtaining more and more innovative products manufactured by it.

Glenand Group is definitely an all India Player. It enjoys the finest reputation for quality and service. The dog biscuits are sold all across India. The imports are distributed all across the whole of India backed by their excellent marketing team and distributors in every major city to enable these wonderful products to reach all pet retailers and consumers.

Glenands online is a new entrant catering to the top online sites like amazon , flipkart , paytm and many many more ……

The secret to the growth of the Glenand Group of companies is definitely and most importantly, the excellent reputation it has earned all these years. The reputation for quality products, excellent service, honesty and being in constant pursuit of perfection. It has been a market leader for generations and will continue being so. The Glenand Group is a Pioneer in the field of pet products and as pioneers, it continues to stay as market leaders.


The entire team at Glenand Group is committed to service and excellence. Our motto is “THINK PETS. THINK GLENANDS.’

We at the Glenand Group believe in equal employment opportunities. More than 80% of our staff, right from top level management to the basic packaging staff are mainly women. We also provide opportunities for the less privileged and the differently abled.