Keeping your pet tick free

Ectoparasite-free pets are clean, healthy and happy pets. Ticks, fleas and mites can cause serious health issues. Tick fever causes anemia and severe weakness and these symptoms can eventually lead to the untimely death of your pets.  A life threatening disease called the Lyme disease can even be transmitted to humans by pets. Here is how you can keep your pets tick free.


The areas which need to be checked constantly are inside of the ears, between the toes, near the eyes, around their neck region, underneath their tummy and near the tail and deep in the fur too. Sometimes, ecto-parasites like mites are not visible to the naked eye. So you need to be attentive to see if your pet is either biting its toes or scratching the ears, as these are indicative of irritation caused by the biting of mites and chewing of lice. HOWEVER DO NOT EVER TRY TO PULL THE TICKS AND FLEAS OUT WITH YOUR FINGERS OR TWEEZERS. This will only result in their multiplication.


The common external hiding spots of these ticks, fleas and mites are usually in gardens, lawns, shrubs and tall grasses. They are also found on piles of leaves. Avoid these areas when you take your pet out. However, you must understand that there are also sand mites and dust mites, which are invisible to the naked eye and almost impossible to evade, and these ecto-parasites can travel miles to find your pet and make them their hosts. Make a regular habit to check for ticks and remove them.

It is mandatory that you keep your pets clean by brushing them every day and grooming them regularly as these ecto -parasites find mats and tangles, a favourite place to breed on.


An array of pet products is available pertaining to treating ticks and fleas. These products can be shopped through online pet shops.  Apart from the available tick prevention products, ticks on dogs can be treated naturally too. Eucalyptus oil, apple cider vinegar, neem oil etc. can be used to prevent and treat ticks. While treating your pet dog with anti-tick products, always check for the expiry date on products, as they may be in your cupboard for a longer time. Irrespective of the tick treatment you choose, it’s important to do tick prevention regularly to help keep your dog protected long-term, all the seasons and where your dog may roam.


There are a wide range of anti -tick products like oral tablets, Spot Ons, dog shampoos, soaps, powder, available at Glenands Pet Stores to suit every budget, in order to keep your pet tick and flea free and happy this Summer. Drop in at your nearest Glenands Pet Stores for all your pet products.

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