What types of biscuits do dogs love to eat?

What does your pet dog love the most? Love, pampering, and lots of dog biscuits?  If yes, this blog can help you learn more about dog biscuits and which type of biscuits they would love to eat. If served in moderation, biscuits are typically safe for your pet dogs. 

The healthiest biscuits to give your dogs are nothing but biscuits prepared at home or branded biscuits with only natural ingredients. You should also make sure that your pet dog does not eat more biscuits than recommended, or this is a high probability that it may create a stomach upset. 

This blog will shed more light on feeding biscuits to your pet dog, whether it is safe, which biscuits are best, which to avoid, nutritional benefits, and more. Instead of feeding main meals every time, try giving a few dog biscuits to your pet dog. These small treats will not only satiate their hunger but will also give them the required energy and nutrition.

Biscuits are usually fast bread comprising of sugar, melted butter, and milk apart from plain or self-raising flour. Based on the ingredients used in the preparation, the biscuits might be sweet or savoury. Biscuit dough usually is made up of flour, salt, baking powder, and butter. 

Biscuits are evaluated to be safe for consumption for your pet dog. They must be fed in moderation as a balanced diet is essential to maintain stomach health and to avoid any irritation. Dog-friendly biscuits are used as a reward since the biscuits makes your pet dog coming back for more. Biscuits containing chocolate or raisins are kept away from dogs as they include an artificial sugar known as Xylitol.

Biscuits are famous among dogs as they are easy to digest. They enjoy the texture and digest the ingredients such as milk, wheat, and eggs. Pet dogs will like the taste of biscuits and many of them enjoy their crunchiness. Dog biscuits as compared to human biscuits are safe and the healthiest option for your pet dog. Homemade biscuits for your dog are also a safe option. 

Biscuits consist of essential fatty acids apart from glucosamine and chondroitin, which can help alleviate joint stiffness and arthritic pain. Biscuit treats are grain-free, yeast-free, gluten-free, and corn-free, making them the apt choice for dogs with allergies. It is absolutely safe for dogs with stomach sensitivities as the biscuits include neither soy nor dairy.

India’s first dog biscuit factory located in Bangalore, India began its commencement in 1938. Glenands are the proud founders and owners of this enterprise. Glenands Dog Biscuits has the highest quality of meat and liver, baked in the traditional recipe. The most consumed and sold chicken formula has real chicken in every bite.

Also for the first time in India, a 100% pure Vegetarian dog biscuit to cater to the larger vegetarian and vegan population in India has been introduced. Glenands specialized Skin and Coat biscuits, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, are in high demand as we use the choicest of fish protein.

Puppy Biscuits at Glenands are high in palatability with chicken as the main ingredient. We have added DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) for improving memory and eye development and also skin and coat, providing a wholesome and healthy treat to a growing puppy. With years of research and development and high-quality compliance, Glenands products offer the finest biscuits and treats for every dog and puppy. 

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