Everything you need to know about dog food

Dog food

One of the most common questions asked by pet owners to their Vet or the Breeder or a Staff member at a Pet Store is what to feed their dog. This is a major concern for them. After all, they want to give the very best for their pet.

Nutrition is the key foundation of good health for any animal. Diet is one of the essential components of your pet’s health care. So it is important that it must consist of a variety of whole foods enhanced with the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. This is absolutely necessary to promote good health, prevent diseases, and address health issues.
In today’s busy lifestyle, where time is a big constraint to many pet parents, it is hard to keep a close check on the nutritional requirements of their pet’s diet. Since what you feed affects the health of the pet, the best way to pamper them and rear them correctly is by providing quality dog food, whether it is a commercial brand or home cooked, or a combination of both.

Making a habit of feeding your pet 8 – 10 Glenand dog biscuits for a large dog, 5 – 6 Glenand dog biscuits for a medium sized dog and 2 – 3 Glenand dog biscuits for a small breed of dog helps to supplement the nutrients in your pet’s diet, especially if they are kept on a vegetarian diet otherwise. The quality ingredients in Glenand Dog Biscuits with the goodness of eggs, meat, liver and chicken, all human grade ingredients, promotes the growth, health and well being of pets. They are safe as they are oven baked. They can be used both as a treat as well as a food supplement too.

Here are some tips to figure out your dog’s nutritional needs.
The age of your dog. Is it necessary to go with age-specific dog food? Does your pet need Puppy food, Junior food or Adult food?
Another important factor to consider is Breed specific food. The required weight for a specific breed must be kept in mind too while feeding your pet. What quantities of food might be necessary for a breed like a Golden Retriever might not be the same for a breed like a Beagle.
Your pet’s day to day active life.? Does it need high energy requirements? Is he a working dog or a Service dog or just a household pet with minimum activity?
The weight management of your pet is also essential. Is it underweight or obese?

When choosing the dog food, it is necessary to understand the quality and the ingredients. For all those pet parents looking for a complete nutritional dog food, please visit your nearest Glenands Pet Stores, and ensure you talk to one of the friendly and knowledgeable staff who will guide you correctly.

At Glenands Pet Stores, customised food for pets that require special diets are also stocked, besides all other regular foods.

Should the food be Age-appropriate? Just like humans, dogs have an age-specific nutritional food requirements too. Puppies have different requirements than adult dogs, and also, senior dogs have other specific needs. So it is best to pick the food according to the various stages of growth.

Choice of type of food. Whether we need to feed wet or dry dog food: Wet food is more aromatic, appetizing, easier to chew and swallow. However they must be consumed by the pet once the can is opened. In case the quantity is too much for the pet, the balance food can be stored, but only under refrigeration. Dry food does not get spoilt when left in the open. They need not be refrigerated.

If your dog is healthy and active and has a healthy appetite, you are definitely making the right choice regarding dog food. However, remember you always have your Breeder or the Vet or a staff at Glenands Pet Stores to help you make the necessary Choices. Shower your pet with love. Give him what he rightly deserves. He is after all, your companion, your guard, and your emotional therapist.

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