Is training necessary for my pet?

Training pets

When you get a pet, especially a little puppy, it brings a lot of happiness to your house. It becomes a part of your life and the family. You, in turn, would like your pet dog to be accepted by your family and friends. Puppies love to be around humans. But they must also learn that they must have their own space and cannot invade the privacy of their pet parents, all the time. 


Puppies need time and attention to get adapted to their new house or environment .This is the time when your pet needs to be trained. If your pet is trained correctly, it will make every moment enjoyable.  Both for him as well as you. Initial basic training should start as early as 6 to 8 weeks.


There are some simple methods by which you can train your pet. You can make your puppy obedient and well-trained at home by implementing certain rules appropriately.

Name  your puppy.  Did you know that specific names are better for training? They can be short names ending with a strong consonant and a strong ending like” Jack ”, or with a sound like “ee” or “rr” like Jimmy, Sandy, “Tiger” etc. They will respond if you give them a  name and use it constantly. It becomes their identity. With every command, use their name. Like “Sandy, come here” or “Good boy, Rover”.


Rules: Before you get your new pet, decide on a few rules . For instance,  peeing or pooping in the right place by your pet.  Glenand  pee pads under the brand name Petheal, helps in training your pet to pee in the right place. 


You can even choose where the pet should sleep or where it has to eat. Place a beautiful, comfy bed by Glenand in a specific area and every time your pup falls asleep or wants to sleep, pick him gently and put him in his bed. He will soon understand that that is his private area and whenever he wants to sleep or wants his own “ME” time, he will go and sit or sleep on his bed. There are many, many varieties of Glenand dog beds, in different shapes and sizes, different materials,  available at all Glenands Pet Stores.


The puppy should also understand what areas are forbidden for its entry, like the Pooja room and the Kitchen or maybe even the beautiful, flowering garden. Glenands Pet Stores stocks the “GET OFF” Spray to aid in this training. Praise and treat helps your puppy understand when he is doing the right thing. Like children, pets need to be reqarded for good behaviour. Check some of the amazing Petzorama Treats and Dog Biscuits and Treats available at Glenands Pet Stores. 


A sharp and strong “No” means he is not to do such a thing and this will work better than scolding him or beating him.Training your dog should be fun for both of you. It should always be for short intervals and many times in a day, to help your puppy to understand and learn quicker.


Inorder to ensure that your pet is having a good time,  try implementing some games into your dog’s training regime.

Socialization means training your pets to accept new people, animals, and places by exposing them to these things. Socialized dogs are well-behaved and are generally more welcome by others. Socialization can also help prevent the development of fears and phobias. However start by exposing your pet to other pets of his size at first, and preferably of the same type of breed. Talk to him in an encouraging manner. Assure him that he need not be frightened when you are around. 


Discourage jumping: Pets love to jump while greeting. When your pet jumps up on you or any person, you must immediately discourage it by turning your back on them and ignoring this behaviour until they settle down. Lifting your leg and putting out your knee will also help.


Discourage biting and nipping: Instead of beating your pet, a great way to discourage biting is to reprimand them with a sharp “NO”. You can also use a repellent like vinegar, or Vicks on your hands or on things that he tends to bite. This will discourage him from biting and nipping. 

All these tips will make your dog obedient. An obedient pet is loved by everyone and also makes you feel proud as a pet parent. Ensure that you visit your nearest Glenands pet stores for all of your pet products requirements. They are a one stop shop and stock the finest and safest products only.

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