Are treats necessary for your pets

Pet Treats

Like humans, dogs love treats. It can be a daily snack after a meal, almost like the desserts we use, or as are reward for good behaviour. Like children tend to finish  their homework or study better in anticipation of a reward like a chocolate, pets too do try and do what is needed of them in anticipation of the reward they will get. Sadly, like us, our pets too sometimes get far too many calories from their treats than that is good for them. 

As a pet parent, it is necessary that should find the best dog treats for your pets. The treats should be carefully chosen as per the breed size.and age. Glenands pet store is the best store to visit for a variety of dog biscuits, dog treats or  any other pet products.

As fun as dog treats can be, it should not be mistaken for the pet’s food. It should be given on a limited scale only as they tend to have too many calories. Giving a wrong treat to your dog may result in unbalanced nutrition. Your dog may love treats but feeding them more than your dog’s daily requirement of calories will tend to add extra weight on them.  Overweight dogs live an unhealthy life and are prone to many health issues. They tend to have shorter lives than dogs that are of correct weight.

What are dog treats considered to be the best?

Many pet parents make their own dogs’ food and treats at home. Commercial treats are great if you know what to look for and what to avoid. You can find a wide range of nutritional dog biscuits, dog munchies and other dog treats at Glenands pet store. There are many types of varieties that are 100% natural, and are made specifically for large and small dogs. Some treats do not even contain artificial colours or flavours.. Sadly there are some dogs that develop food allergies to a specific ingredient present in the dog treat, which may cause skin issues or digestive problems. So be very cautious while choosing the products for your pet.

 According to many individuals, natural treats like fruits and vegetables are good for their as they contain high nutrients and are low in calories. Some choices include apples, bananas, carrots, cucumbers, pears, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Even too many fruits and vegetables can contribute to an overweight problem, so maintaining portion control Is very important.

Not all dogs are comfortable taking fruit and vegetables. You can experiment with the taste and texture to find out what suits best for your dog, and you should check what foods do not work for your dog. Some of the items that suit humans like chocolates, onions and nuts are to be strictly avoided as they can be toxic to your pet.

Your dog treats should be tasty and healthy. Please visit your nearest Glenands pet stores for all your pet needs. You will find a whole array of amazing treats that will literally baffle you. A treat a day keeps your pet happy and gay.