Dog Chews and Bones

The eating habits and nutrition needs of dogs are extremely complex. Especially, as puppies when dogs are not provided proper aid with their teething, it can cause them to be destructive. One of the best tools at your disposal for such situations is chewing products like bones and sticks. In fact, food-based dog chews are even better as they provide not just stimulation but also nutrition to your dog. Chewable dog foods also help in keeping your dog’s teeth healthy, improve their oral hygiene, and are also really effective in relieving their stress as well.

Investing in chew toys like marrows prevents your pet from indulging in destructive chewing that could be harmful to our shoes, carpets, charging cables etc. anything that your dog can get their mouth on. Dog chew toys incorporated with dog food also serve as a great reward system, for when you are training your pet. When they associate dog food with something positive they are more likely to pay more attention.