Dog Collars

A dog's collar is most probably the very first training gear you put on a puppy. This should start when a puppy is about two month's of age for a medium to large breed of puppy, and at four months for a small sized breed of puppy. The collar helps you get control over your puppy. especially when it is taken out of the house. Dogs and pups should never be taken out of the house without a fitted collar and an attached leash to hold them. Most times, people pick a dog collar simply based on how pretty or ornamental it looks, without really giving much thought about its purpose, its safety snd confort.

Remember, a dog collar is much more than just an accessory for your pet. Yes, there is an aesthetic aspect to it, but while purchasing a dog collar, as a pet parent, you should also be aware of the purpose of the dog collar. What must be kept in mind is that the dog collar must never be uncomfortable and keep irritating the pet. It must also not be too tight around their necks as this can hamper their breathing.and also choke them. It should never be too loose so as to allow the puppy to slip out of it. Collars come in various collars, sizes and width size. They can be in PVC material, leather, Nylon or Cotton. It can be padded or non padded. It could come with buckles or with snap on clamps. Check the one that is most appropriate for your pet. The Staff at Glenands Pet Stores will be able to recommend a perfect one for your pet.

Black Clip Collar
Black padded Collar
Blue Clip Collar
Blue padded Collar
Brown padded Collar
Darkgreen padded Collar
Fawn padded Collar
Green collar