Dog Crates & Kennels

As a pet parent, moving out can be a huge hassle. A bigger hassle is carrying your dog and all of their dog products. One of the most common ways to transport dogs is to keep them in a dog crate. However, many people think that crates are too stressful and inhuman and honestly that's not the truth. Your pet will feel comfortable in a dog crate as long as they have been made habitual to dog products like these.

A dog when properly exposed to dog crates could treat it as their safe spot just like a kennel. The best way to familiarize your dog with a crate is to not have them associate the crate with punishment, rather it'd be much healthier for your pet if the dog crate was treated more like a personal room where they can lounge and sleep. That way, you don't have to worry about them while traveling and your dog being in the dog crate for a prolonged period.