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Bathing products

Regular cleaning and washing are not just necessary for you, but for your pets as well. The fur of your pet is literally like a thick carpet that catches and traps all kinds of dirt particles. It could become a house to tons of ticks and mites which could cause irritation to your pet. Hence it becomes even more important to choose the right type of pet shampoos/conditioners that suits your pet's type perfectly.

It is extremely important that extra care is taken when choosing products such as pet shampoos and pet conditioners because some breeds of cats and dogs have extremely sensitive skin that gets irritated very easily. Choosing the wrong pet shampoo could result in a variety of problems for your pet like allergic reaction, dry skin, fur loss, irritation and much more which could be extremely uncomfortable for your beloved pet. Hence, as a pet owner, it is your duty to be aware of all the grooming and cleaning needs of your furry friend and pick the product that suits their skin and fur the best.

In order to help you in choosing the best pet shampoo or pet conditioner for your cat or dog, here are some things that you should be mindful of:

● Fur type of your pet

The first step in choosing the right grooming products for the owners is to be aware of the type of fur their pet has. Furs mostly come in three broad categories, fine coat, moderate coat and thick coats. In the case of breeds with fine coats like chihuahuas, a pet shampoo that repels dust is recommended and a conditioner to go along with it to keep the coat shiny and glossy. Moderate coat and thick coat breeds of cats and dogs usually require an extra bit of care to maintain. It is recommended that for such breeds dog/cat shampoo which forms extra lather is used, because it lets you to rinse and deep clean your pet properly. A pet conditioner to go along with the shampoo is a must to maintain the quality of their fur coat.

● Be mindful of their skin conditions.

If your dog or cat is dealing with any acute skin problems or has sensitive skin in general, choosing the right product becomes even more important. Shampoos and conditioners which do not suit the skin could aggravate any existing condition or cause harm to your pet. If your pet has dry skin or struggles with dandruff, a nice moisturizing pet shampoo or an anti-dandruff will be ideal for them.

In case your pet has problems with external parasites like ticks or fleas, you should go for a medicated pet shampoo. Although one thing to be kept in mind, is that medicated shampoos must always be paired with a nourishing pet conditioner to keep the skin fur healthy.

Basically, the grooming needs of pets are a lot more complicated than what most people think or might be aware of. Hence, doing your research on something as basic as a dog shampoo or a cat shampoo becomes extremely crucial in order to not cause your pet any unnecessary problems and to let them live their best life.

Grooming products (hair dryers and clippers)

Having a pet which is well maintained fur surely is a huge flex. However, pet grooming is not something that has only aesthetic value, in fact grooming is extremely essential for keeping your pet healthy. Timely grooming helps in cleaning the coat and getting rid of any ticks or fleas and also helps in the early detection of potential diseases. Hence, it becomes important to you as a pet owner to invest in high quality and essential products like dog brushes, nail clippers, nail trimmers etc.

Especially when it comes to breeds with long coats who have a tendency to shed a lot, combing their coat with a dog brush needs to be a part of their weekly routine. You see, long and thick fur acts as a perfect hiding spot for a lot of harmful bugs and parasites and it also tends to accumulate a lot of dirt. Grooming your pet with dog brush weekly, if not daily will not only help in getting off excess fur but also keeps their coat neat and tidy. Hence free from any parasites. Usually the best kind of dog brush for your dog will depend on the fur length. Longer fur lengths are usually well suited for wire pin type dog brushes, meanwhile shorter fur lengths go well with de-shedding type of dog brushes. Another big aspect of fur grooming is the use of hair dryers. Usually more of a styling product, but hair dryers serve an important function of keeping your furry friend looking fresh at all times. Depending on the breed of the dog you have and depending on your styling choices there are a variety of dog hair dryers available in the market. If you are an active participant in dog shows or plan to participate with your dog in future, it is generally a good idea to invest in a high end dog hair dryer. However, if you are only looking for casual use then relatively cheaper hair dryers are never a bad option. Be very mindful to not let the air from your dog hair dryer get too hot, because that can be dangerous for your pet. That is also why one needs to avoid cheap low quality products.

A spot that you must always pay close attention to while grooming is the paw of your dog. Make sure to check that the nails are not overgrown and if they are, then clip them using nail clippers. Overgrown nails are very troublesome for your dog as they make it difficult for them to walk. In some bad cases overgrowing of nails can cause postural and joint deformities. A good pair of dog nail clippers is a must for every pet parent to make sure that your dog's feet remain healthy and look pretty. More than all of this, grooming your pet actually helps in strengthening the bond between each other as well. Your pet feels a lot closer to you when you groom them and it is also a great way to spend quality time with them as well.

Dog bed

Your dog is someone who is there for you at all times, a man’s true best friend indeed. Acting as a constant companion and making you feel better no matter how hard life has been for you. So, when someone who has constantly been a huge support system, and been there for you then it is fair to take care of their small needs as well. If you are looking to get your dog a gift then a brand new cozy and comfy dog bed is probably the best idea. Dog beds although considered a novelty product, as many pet parents just let their dog sleep on the floor are actually extremely beneficial. A dog bed not only provides your dog with their own space but also provides them cushioning allowing them to have a deeper and sounder sleep. Moreover, investing in a dog bed doesn't sound like that bad idea when you know that how helpful they are in the case of old and ageing dogs. Here are a few more reasons why your good boy or good girl deserves a nice and warm dog bed:

Dog beds are great for joints

Joint problems like arthritis are extremely common among dogs especially when they start to mature and reach the later stages of life. Having a dog bed allows your dog to have a place to rest their ailing body and also alleviates any pain they might be facing throughout the day. In fact, there are also specialized dog beds with interlocking fill material that provides maximum support to the dog’s body and eases the pain in older dogs. Even in the case of puppies having a dog bed is extremely helpful as they take away the extra pressure on their bones and help them develop better and strong.

Your pet sleeps well on a dog bed

Dogs spend about 12- 18hrs of their day sleeping and having a good bed surely helps in improving the quality of their sleep. Just put yourself in their shoes and imagine how important a soft, comfy and well-cushioned dog bed is after a long day of playing, jumping, running around the house and chasing the squirrels in the backyard. Just like humans, sleep quality is extremely crucial for a dog to remain healthy. A good dog bed ensures that your pet gets the best sleep that they deserve. Larger breeds of dogs actually require sleeping more as compared to smaller breeds, so having a dog bed will surely be a plus for them.

A dog bed also gives the dog their own place to relax and gives them a private spot that they can claim as theirs. Just like their food bowl, toy or a leash, the dog learns to associate themselves with that object which overall helps in becoming a well-trained house pet. The dog bed is something which will be your dog’s safe space where they can have their own little “me time” too which is incredibly healthy for their mental health. Having a private space allows the dog to calm down and relax if they ever feel agitated, nervous or even scared by things like loud noises.